Why Choose This Flute Studio?

Why choose this flute studio? I am:

Experienced – I have been teaching and performing in Albuquerque since 2007.

Diversified – I have performed professionally on flute, piccolo, alto flute, baroque flute, and recorder. I perform regularly in orchestras, wind ensembles, and in chamber music and solo settings.

Well connected with the local and national flute communities (as a board member of the Albuquerque Flute Association, coordinator of Flute Fiesta and the 2013 Trevor Wye Albuquerque Masterclass, and member of the National Flute Association).

Studied – I have a Master of Music in performance from the University of New Mexico and a Bachelor of Music in performance from Oklahoma City University. I studied at the Flute Studio of Trevor Wye in Kent, England (a 7 month post-graduate residential study program), and I continue to expand my knowledge of flute topics by attending masterclasses and the annual National Flute Association convention.

Well Equipped – My students have access to a vast library of music (solo, chamber, and scores), flute magazines, and books on musical topics. I connect them to online flute resources as well, encouraging them to listen to famous flutists and works of great composers on the internet. Many of my students are drawn to exploring beyond the flute in musical subjects, and lessons often include theory and music history. I encourage my students to look beyond the instrument to expand their musical education.

Flexible and Inclusive – I understand that the needs of each student are established on an individual basis. I am happy to welcome beginners, young players, adult amateurs, and those with special needs into my studio.

The Studio

The Studio


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